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CQ5 Platform and Architecture

What is CMS, ECM, AEM?

Gartner Chart : 4 quadrant : Where do we stand in the current market?

Java Object Model Architecture and CQ5 mapping

REST-ful Architecture

CQ5 Architecture Stack

Apache Sling Architecture

OSGI Framework

apache Sling Architecture

Briefing Instances in CQ5 – Author and Publisher

Walkthrough of the CQ5 application interface.

CQ5 Fundamentals

CQ5 Installation – Installing Author and Publish instance

Creating page, Editing Page, Deleting Package

CQ5 Deployment – Package creation and installation

Replication Agent and Confiugaration

Explaining CRXDE and various CQ nodes which are present

Developing CQ5 web applications

Creating Page using Geometrix template and activating the page to view the

page in publish instance

Creating an application/project

Creating a template, learning the properties

Creating a component, learning the properties

Creating Pages

Creating version for the pages

Developing CQ5 web applications – 2

Including global.jsp and init.jsp in the page

Component Basics

Including Components into Scripts

Breakout/Modularize the “Page” Component

Component Hierarchy and Inheritance

Extend the Foundation Page Component

Extend the Script Structure of the “Page” Component

Displaying the page content in the publish instance

Developing CQ5 web applications – 3

Dialog creation

Understanding Widget, Widget Collection, Tab panel and Panel

Understanding xtypes

Edit Config options

Inner XMLs of a component and template

Understanding Designs in side kick

Creating Designs and linking designs to the page

Understanding sidekick – Adding components in the par in design mode

Developing CQ5 web applications – 4

Using OSGI bundle to serve the response and show the result in the

Installing service in Felix console

Stoping, Starting, Refreshing the service in OSGi container

Apache Sling Script Resolution

URL decomposition

URL resolution process – Understanding the selectors and suffix part

Create Multiple Scripts/Renderers for the “Page” Component

Designs and Dialogs

Design mode – Adding custom components and restricting components

Create and Assign a Design

Dialog and Design Dialog differences

Design Dialog Creation

Viewing the created design dialog in the design mode

User, User Group, Permissions


Creating user

Creating user group

Assigning users to groups

Adding, Deleting, Modifying permissions for various group


Dynamic Navigation

Create a Dynamic Navigation Component

Explore various xtypes – Create a multi xtypes forms



Creating Client Libs for template level

Creating Client Libs for component level

Adding the client libraries in JSP


Tags Overview

Creating Tags

Creating language specific pages

Retrieving values from language specific key in the code

Using TAGS in the page properties and to apply the same for the SEO

Digital Assets Management

DAM Overview

Uploading images

Dragging and dropping images

Understanding image renditions

SCR annotations

Understanding various SCR annotations

Creating classes with SCR annotations


Creating servlets

Mapping the servlets with the resource resolver

Debugging the code and validating if the control is going to the servlet

Felix console changes and walkthrough,

Loggers and Debugging

Apache Sling JSP Script Handler

Adding Logs into the code

Verifying logs

Exception Handling

Setting up different log path in felix console

Workflow overvie

Understanding existing workflows

Understanding various components in an worflow

Workflow packages

Workflow – Session 2

Mapping workflow step with a user group and users

Verifying inbox with the mail and taking necessary steps

Creating workflow with various components

Creating workflow instances

Creating workflow process step


Internationalization Overview

Creating i18n nodes

Coding in Java to get the i18n node values and render the values in the


Language Copy – Multi Site Manager Functionality


Overview of Sling Scheduling

Writing Scheduler

Understanding the quartz scheduler expressions

AEM 6 Touch optimized Based UI Highlights

Layer Switcher

Editing Features = Editor Frame

Customer Page = Content Frame

Asset Finder Group

Side Panel

Components in the Side Panel

Toolbar Action

Page Action

Inplace Editor

Custom Layer (cq:actionConfigs)

Apache Sling Script Resolution – Advanced

Create Multiple Scripts/Renderers for the “Page” Component

Using APIs to fetch the selectors and suffix

Overview of sling resource resolver

What is slightly?

Using various data sly attributes in the programming.

Maven integration

What is slightly?


Understanding POM file

Installing Maven

Building OSGi bundle through maven build

Maven integration – 2


Understanding POM file

Installing Maven

Building OSGi bundle through maven build

Slightly programming – 2

Creating Slightly Java file by extending WCMUse class.

Communicating between HTML and Java file using data sly attributes.

Resource Resolver


Understanding selectors and suffix approaches

Writing resource resolver rules in felix console

Verifying if the resource resolver rules are working

Dispatcher Setup

Configuring webserver and setting the renderers

Verifying the STAT files

Understading the working of the dispatcher

Caching Strategy and Cache Invalidation

Caching pages in dispatcher

Writing a rule to deny the page for a particular pattern to not to cache

Cache invalidation technique

JCR Observation Listener


Sling Events and Event Handling

Creating Listener Class to listen to nodes and perform certain logic

Data Store Garbage Collection, Backup, Tar


Data Store Garbage Collection

Back Up

TAR Optimzation

JUNIT CQ Test Cases




Coding unit test cases using Junit and Maven