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Workday HCM Online Training

With the increasing demand for human resource and financial management in the corporate world, the Workday HCM Certification course from TECH Smart IT Solutions is something worth enrolling in. From talent management to payroll solutions to succession planning, the course has everything to offer you in order to secure 100% job placement for yourself. Our Workday HCM training online prepares you outstandingly for the Certification by focusing well on every necessary area. Moreover, the instructors help you in enhancing your problem-solving skills by familiarizing you with real-world problems.

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Workday HCM Certification Course Online

Our Workday HCM course training has a wide range of functions aimed at unifying human resource capabilities into a single, easy-to-use system. Workday is an on-demand cloud-based enterprise application that combines affordable ownership with an advanced approach to all businesses by providing blended Financial Management and Human Capital Management (HCM) applications. Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) combines Human Resource (HR) and Talent Management into a single system of record. It redefines global, mobile and diverse workforce management. This helps in recruiting the best talent, gaining insight into employee skills and needs, identifying and developing future leaders. We provide workday HCM materials and course guide for you to easily learn things.

Key Features


12+ Years of Experienced Trainers

Certification & Job Assistance


Flexible Schedule

24 x 7 Lifetime Support

100% Job Oriented Training

Work on Real-time Projects

Workday HCM Functional Training Route Map

Workday HCM Functional Course Contents

Workday Basics and Navigation
  • Core concepts & Navigation Basics
  • Core Concept Overview
  • Business Objects
  • Basic Navigation
  • Landing Pages
  • Related Action Menus
  • Search
  • Slide-out tabs
  • Hyperlinks
  • Additional Navigation Topics
  • Actionable Reports
  • Single and Multi-select prompt fields
  • Standard Screen Icons
  • Task Page Icons
  • Work feed
  • Configuration options
  • Find Worker
  • Organizations in Workday
  • Organization types
  • Supervisory Organizations
  • Reorganization
  • Setup of supervisory org structure
  • Managing supervisory organization
  • Creating a subordinate org
  • Dividing a supervisory org
  • Additional org types
  • Organization Hierarchies
  • Organization Assignments on supervisory org
  • Organizational Reports
  • Staffing Models
  • Types of Staffing Models
  • Configuring individual staffing model
  • Hiring Restrictions
  • Position Management
  • Job Management
  • Differentiating between staffing models

Maintaining Staffing Models

Jobs and Positions
  • Jobs and Positions
  • Job Profiles
  • Differentiating Job profiles, Job families, Job family groups
  • Job profiles and Localization
  • Management Level Hierarchy
  • Creating Job profile
  • Creating Position and Headcount Groups
  • Managing Filled and Unfilled Position
  • Creating Positions
  • Edit Position Restrictions
  • Close Position vs. Managing a Hiring Freeze
  • Compensation
  • Compensation Components
  • Creating Compensation
  • Compensation Rules
  • Compensation Reports
  • Compensation Packages
  • Compensation Grades
  • Bonus plans
  • Amount based
  • Percent based
  • Salary and Hourly plans
  • Compensation Segment Security
  • Initiating Compensation Events
Time Tracking Module
  • Overview on time blocks
  • What is Time entry and how to configure
  • Performance review
  • Overview on Time Tracking Regression Testing and use Cases (Version testing)
  • Real time scenario on Time tracking
Leave of Absence Module
  • What is Leave Types and how to configure them?
  • How to send employee on leave
  • Return employee from leave
  • Overview on Leave of Absence module regression test cases (Version testing)
Performance and Succession
  • What is Performance?
  • Overview on Succession & navigation and configurations
Loads Module
  • How to prepare i Load template
  • How to Load the data into workday
  • Validations
  • Security Groups
  • Security Group Types
  • Configuring Role based security
  • Configuring Job based security
  • Configuring User based security
  • Components of Configurable security
  • Functional Areas, Se curable Items and Security Policies
  • Domain security policies
  • Business process security policies
Business Process
  • Business Process
  • Business Process Framework
  • Business Process Step types
  • Business Process Configuration Options
  • Default
  • Customize
  • Business Process Functionality
  • Completion Steps
  • Due Date and Alerts
  • Delays and Routing Restrictions
  • Business sub processes
  • Deploying Business Processes
  • Business Process Reports
  • Reports
  • Standard Reports
  • Custom Reports
  • Report Writer
  • Data Sources
  • Class Report fields
  • Create Report
  • Report type, Data source
  • Objects, Fields
  • Order columns
  • Sort outputs
  • Filter criteria
  • Business Object
Calculated Fields
  • Calculated Fields
  • Creating various kinds of Calculated Fields
  • Calculated Field Reports
  • Text functions
  • Working with Related Business Objects
  • Extract Single Instance
  • Extract Multi Instance
  • System wide vs. Report specific Calculated fields
  • Security Admin Perspective Calculated Fields
HCM Transactions
  • Transactions in workday
  • Creating Applicants
  • Hiring in Supervisory Organizations
  • Assigning User based security groups
  • Hire into position/job/headcount management
  • Staffing movement
  • Termination
  • Request Delegation, Rescind
  • Move workers and Inactivate supervisory organizations
  • Workday Accounts
  • Viewing Personal Data
  • Reporting
  • Report Writer
  • Developing Simple, Advanced
  • Advanced Field Calculations
  • Aggregations based on Primary and Secondary Business
  • Data Source Security and Report Field
  • Report Management Security
  • Scheduling
  • Developing Matrix
  • BIRT
  • Integration Architecture Overview
  • Integration cloud
  • Integration System
  • Core Connector:
  • Integration Services in Core
  • Change Deduction Procedure in Core
  • Document Transformation Integration XSLT Formatting using XTT and
  • Integration business Process
EIB Overview
  • EIB Overview
  • EIB Design Pattern
  • EIB Limitations.
  • Workday Public Web services
  • Workday Reports-as-a-Service
  • Developing an Inbound
  • Developing a Outbound EIB.
  • Custom Report
  • EIB Features.
  • Loading Customer Transactional Data into Workday using EIB’s.
Studio Overview
  • Workday Studio Overview
  • Overview of Assembly Components
  • Creating Assembly
  • Message Flow through
  • Using RaaS and Workday Web
  • Testing and Debugging Studio
  • Advanced Studio
  • Exception handling in
Workday Project Overview
  • Project Overview
  • How to configure an End to end real-time
  • Project Guidance
  • Project Submission and Verification
Mock Interviews with Q&A
  • Functional Q&A
  • Technical Q&A
  • Project Q&A (For Multiple Domains like Banking, Retail, Insurance, Ecommerce etc)
  • Question for Fresher’s and Experienced (How do they differ?)
  • How to justify if the resource is not
Certification Preparation Session
  • How difficult is it to clear the certifications
  • Levels of certification
  • How to register for them(Technical details)
  • Can I apply for certification if my company is not a partner
  • If not, what is the alternative
  • Certification Mock Q&A discussion

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Workday HCM Training FAQ’S

Why should I enrol for this Workday HCM Online Training?

To meet the increasing demand for human resource and financial management in the corporate world, you must enrol on this training programme. We prepare you well for the Certification, which will take you a step closer towards the establishment of a fantastic career for yourself.

Do we get to practice on live projects?

Yes! Tech Smart IT Solutions not only focuses on the deliverance of theoretical knowledge but on the deliverance of practical knowledge as well. We familiarize the trainees with real-world challenges and the ways to tackle them.

What's the experience level of the instructors?

Well, we have a team of instructors with over 10 years of experience in their respective field. They have enough experience in dealing with the students. On that note, you can assure yourself to receive profound knowledge and a friendly attitude from the instructors.

Do Tech Smart IT Solutions offer discounts?

Yes, as of now, we are offering two types of discounts. These are – group discount and referral discount. You become eligible for a group discount when you enrol as a group, whereas, referral discount is offered when the course is referred to you by someone who’s already enrolled for the course.

Will the course help me to avail better career opportunities for myself?

Of course! By the end of the training programme, you will be well-versed with every topic from the curriculum. Moreover, you will be able to get your hands-on solving real-world problems. Hence, both these will help you invite more career opportunities for yourself.