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ServiceNow Online Training

ServiceNow training course can help you get to value faster

A new one-stop shop for ServiceNow certification and training. To advance your career, select from a range of live classes, simulators, virtual classes, tests, certifications, and more. We have a wide range of training options for IT, HR, Customer Service, and other departments that cover the Now Platform. We will teach you how to work quickly and effectively with ServiceNow, whether you’re just getting started or ready to develop your skills and knowledge.

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ServiceNow Certification Training Course

Via ServiceNow partners, Tech Smart IT Solutions provides a full and rigorous ServiceNow Developer Training. One can master the ServiceNow developer concepts with ServiceNow instruction, which is fully hands-on. You’ll learn how to write, test, and debug a range of script styles, including Client Scripts, UI Policies, Business Rules, and more.

Though ServiceNow provides a standard curriculum for ServiceNow training, we also customize ServiceNow training to suit the needs of our customers. Our ServiceNow courses are designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of users, including fulfillers, developers, managers, process owners, and trainers. We gain a deeper understanding of the customer experience, result, and preferences by undertaking a comprehensive investigation of the customer environment through continuous contact prior to the training and adapting the training curriculum accordingly. It’s no surprise that our business training is known as the best in the industry. Via ServiceNow partners, Tech Smart IT Solutions promotes ServiceNow training on various ServiceNow modules.

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Work on Real-time Projects

  • QA is a process of finding out the defects or bugs in a software program.
  • In this method the tester plays an important role of end user and verifies that all the features of the application are working correctly.
  • The tester manually executes test cases without using any automation tools.
  • Manual testing is the only one option during the initial stage of the application.
  • When the application is in regression phase and stable then the user can automate the basic functions within the application
  • Amount of testing performed by a set of test cases is called Test Coverage. In other words, test coverage is defined as a technique which determines
  • whether our test cases are actually covering the application code and how much code is exercised when we run those test cases

This course will allow the students to understand various QA concepts (Quality Assurance, Testing) including

  • Software development methodologies (waterfall, Agile)
  • Scrum.
  • Manual testing hands-on and related theory
  • Automation Tools: Selenium WebDriver with Java programming, API Testing with Groovy.
  • Scripting and Advanced concepts: Java, Groovy, Cucumber and Devops/Continuous Integration
  • SQL with hands-on
  •  BA concepts – User, Functional and Non-Functional.
  • Interview Questions, mock interviews and resume Preparation sessions.

Projects/mini-projects/Hands-on sessions via class work and/or home work on the following topics:

  • Manual testing – Testing and Writing Test cases
  • Selenium with Java Programming
  • Web Services – SOAP UI, REST and Postman
  • Mobile Testing with Automation
  • Devops and Cucumber
  • SQL Queries

Service Now Admin Online Training

Introduction to the Service Now Admin:

Learn Service Now Certification Course Online Training in USA Become a certified Service Now Administrator by enrolling into Tech-smart IT training, where you will master the fundamental concepts and advanced features of the Service Now platform. You will learn how to configure and run administrative tasks on the ServiceNow through real-world examples and hands-on projects. You will also get guidance on how to clear the ServiceNow Administrator Certification Exam. Enroll and get certified.

ServiceNow Admin Course Contents

Introduction to Service Now:
  • What is Service Now?
  • Why and who can User Service Now
  • Concept of Cloud Computing in Service Now
  • Introduction to ITIL Foundation
  • Navigation and Users
  • Helpful Portals, Releases
Creating Homepage
  • Creating Gauges
  • Define CSS Properties, UI Properties
  • Change Visibility of Homepage and Banner
Tables, Form, Dictionary
  • Creating Application , module
  • Creating Table
  • Personalizing form and table layout
  • Creating Section
  • View
  • Dictionary Overrides
  • Reference Qualifiers
  • Related Lists
Update Set’s creation
  • Creating an Update Set
  • Merge update set
  • Retrieve Update set in another instance
Creating workflow
  • Workflow editor and workflow scripts
  • Workflow activities and workflow context
  • Workflow stages, Transitions
Service catalog management
  • User of Service catalog, Back and end execution
  • Creating catalog item, record producer, order guide
  • Create RITM and catalog task
  • Attaching workflow to catalog items
Importing data in Service Now
  • Data Sources
  • XML Report
  • Transform Maps
  • Schedule data import
  • Import sets
  • Transform Scripts
  • Data Load automation
User Administration
  • Creating groups
  • Users and Departments
  • Concept of delegation
  • Customizing user profile
  • Roles & group membership
  • Fetch detail of logged in user
Email Notification
  • Defining a template
  • Define notification
  • Email Logs
  • Introduction to SMTP and POP mail Servers
  • Trigger email and even
Create SLA & Schedule
  • SLA Definitions
  • SLA Properties
  • Attach SLA to tasks
  • Create Schedule and child Schedule
Schedules Jobs
  • Introduction to Scheduled jobs
  • Schedule job Log
  • Scheduled reports
Access control List
  • Create Read, Write and create ACL on table and field Level.
  • Debug ACLS
  • Write ACL Scripts
  • Concept of Privileged system admin
Introduction to web Service
  • Introduction to web services
  • SOAP Messages
  • Debugging
  • Personalize users
  • Debugging business rule
  • Debugging ACL
  • Background Scripts

ServiceNow Developer Online Training

Intriduction to the ServiceNow Developer:

ServiceNow Online Training In USA will teach you everything you need to know in order to start scripting on the ServiceNow platform. Whether you’re creating custom applications or configuring advanced customizations, leveraging scripting on the ServiceNow platform is a requirement for any great ServiceNow administrator.

This course includes over 70 lectures, containing over 8 hours of video, covering everything you need to know in order to master scripting on the ServiceNow platform. You’ll learn how ServiceNow APIs work and where you can use them within the platform.

This course is composed of 10 sections, which covers all of the most important ServiceNow APIs so you can start developing on the platform as quickly as possible! Learn about GlideRecord, GlideSystem, GlideAjax, GlideForm, GlideUser, GlideDateTime, and many more ServiceNow APIs. Discover the power of Script Includes and how you can create your very own APIs within the ServiceNow platform. Create modern, asynchronous web apps using ServiceNow’s GlideAjax API

Scripting Introduction
  • Servicenow Scripting Overview
  • Preparing to Script
Client Scripting
  • Client Scripts (g_form and g_user)
  • Client Script debugging
  • Reference Objects
  • Script Versions
Business Rules
  • Business Rules Global Objects Current and Previous
  • Debugging
  • Display business rule and dot walking
  • Glide System Validations
  • Glide record (–Query, –Aggregates)
  • Managing Events
UI Actions
  • Client UI action
  • Server UI action
  • Client Server UI Action
Script Includes
  • Classes script include
  • Glide Ajax
  • Now date time
  • Jason Object
  • Creating Workflows on different tables
  • Approvals using workflows
  • Using Different Activities in workflows
  • Workflow Scripting
Service catalog
  • Service Catalog Introduction – Maintain ITEM, Categories and Catalogs
  • Creating Catalog Items using Variables and Variable sets
  • Design Workflows for Requested ITEM
  • Set up User Criteria
  • LDAP Integration (Active Directory)
  • SSO Integration (with Active Directory and OneLogin or Okta or Centrify)
  • Email Integration
  • Web Services
  • Servicenow to Servicenow Integration

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At Course Competition

  • Manual testing – Testing and Writing Test cases
  • Selenium with Java Programming
  • Web Services – SOAP UI, REST and Postman
  • Mobile Testing with Automation
  • Devops and Cucumber
  • SQL Queries

ServiceNow Training FAQ’S

What are the ServiceNow Online Training Objectives?

The Servicenow Training will help you progress in your career. Industrial experts will help you develop a clear understanding of the basics of ServiceNow at your convenience. This course will show you how to use ServiceNow.
You can learn about topics such as Incident and Configuration Management, List and Form Templates, Module and Table Development, Guided and Scripted Web Services, Building Pages and Sites, and Installing and Checking the MID Server in real time. Our live chat feature allows you to get immediate answers to your questions. Our training has planned industrial projects too.

What are the advantages of knowing ServiceNow?

ServiceNow Preparation alters a person’s working style. It can perform in-depth administrative tasks to help you develop your company.

What are the qualifications for taking the ServiceNow class?

Attending ServiceNow Training requires prior knowledge of cloud computing, javascript, and database concepts.

What is the trainer's educational background?

The teacher is a professional consultant with a lot of hands-on experience with the technology.

What is Tech Smart IT Solutions' Refund Policy?

If you have registered for classes and/or paid fees, but need to cancel your registration for some reason, you can do so within the first two sessions of the training. Please bear in mind that refunds will be processed within 30 days of receiving a written submission.