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DevOps Online Training Course

Tech Smart IT Solutions provides the most in-depth and comprehensive DevOps certification course that meets industry standards. This DevOps online training will teach you how to use the DevOps framework to help leading software companies’ IT development and operations teams successfully integrate, communicate, collaborate, and automate processes. You’ll learn how to develop a DevOps roadmap, track key performance indicators, and evaluate critical success factors. You will be awarded the Tech Smart IT Solutions DevOps Foundation Certification after successfully completing the raining.

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DevOps Certification Course Training

Tech Smart IT Solutions  DevOps online training will assist you in acquiring the necessary skill set for a DevOps Engineer position. It will teach you how to use DevOps tools like Git, SVN, Docker, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, Puppet, Ansible, Selenium, Maven, Nagios, Chef, and more to master DevOps skills like Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployment, Infrastructure as a Code, and more.

Tech Smart IT Solutions’ DevOps course was created with the latest industry requirements in mind. The following skill sets will be taught to you, which have been curated from job descriptions posted by companies looking for DevOps Engineers. The following topics will be covered in this DevOps online course:

  • In-depth understanding of the DevOps methodology
  • Implementing Version Control in Software
  • Using Docke to containerize code in production
  • Using Jenkins to build CI/CD pipelines Configuration management with Puppet and Ansible
  • Using Selenium and Maven to automate build and test Container orchestration with Kubernetes Performance tuning and monitoring with Nagios

Tech Smart IT Solutions  actively assists all learners who have completed the DevOps certification training with job placement. We have exclusive agreements with top multinational corporations (MNCs) from around the world for this. This allows you to work for companies like Sony, Ericsson, TCS, Mu Sigma, Standard Chartered, Cognizant, and Cisco, among others. We can also assist you with job interview and résumé preparation.

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Work on Real-time Projects

DevOps Course Contents

1.Linux – Basic commands, User management, sudo and file permissions.

2.Shell Scripting

3.Basic Python programming

4.Linux System administration Basics

5.Installing softwares in Debian based operating systems (Linux)

6.Softwares and web applications – How to host your own website.

7.apache, PHP Frameworks – WordPress, Apache as proxy

8.Tomcat, Java applications basics, Introduction to Static and Dynamic contents of a web-application.

9.Database – MySQL, MongoDB (NoSQL)

10.Networking Basics ,DNS resolutio

11..DNS resolution principles, Introduction to networking and traffic routing

12.Cloud Computing

13.Introduction to cloud computing.

14.AWS services – EC2, ELB, Autoscaling, VPC, IAM, S3, Cloudwatch, Route53, SES, Cloudfront, RDS, AWS CLI tools, Python both module.


16.SCM – Git, Github, Gitlab

17.Build Management – Ant

18.Continues Integration – Jenkins

19.Containerisation and DevOps – Docker

20.Infrastructure Monitoring – Nagios

21.Configuration Management – Introduction, Tools: Chef, Puppet, Ansible


What criteria are used to award Tech Smart IT Solutions -verified certificates?

You will receive an Tech Smart IT Solutions  course completion certificate after completing Tech Smart IT Solutions ‘s training program, working on real-world projects, quizzes, and assignments, and scoring at least 60% on the qualifying exam. This certificate is widely recognized by Tech Smart IT Solutions -affiliated organizations, which include top multinational corporations from around the world, as well as some of the Fortune 500.

What types of projects are included in the training program?

As part of the training program, Tech Smart IT Solutions  provides you with the most current, relevant, and high-value real-world projects. This will allow you to apply what you’ve learned in a real-world industry setting. All training includes multiple projects that put your skills, learning, and practical knowledge to the test, ensuring that you are industry-ready. 

You’ll be working on cutting-edge projects in fields such as high technology, ecommerce, marketing, sales, networking, banking, and insurance. After successfully completing the projects, your skills will be equivalent to 6 months of industry experience.

What are the prerequisites for this DevOps online course?
  • A basic understanding of Linux or scripting is advantageous.
  • Learning this technology would necessitate prior IT experience.
How will you carry out our hands-on sessions?

The AWS Cloud will be used for all of our practical sessions, case studies, and projects. Once you’ve enrolled in the DevOps course, we’ll assist you in setting up your AWS Free Tier account.

We’ll also give you virtual machines (VMs) so you can practice even when you’re not online!

Who can take the DevOps certification course?

These DevOps groups are open to the following individuals: 

  • Professionals in Information Technology
  • Testers of software
  • System Administrators
  • Architects of Solutions
  • Engineers in charge of security
  • Developers of software
  • Specialists in Integration